Bewildered and Perished


Young Man Meets With Tragic Death on Eve of His Marriage.

Samuel McSherry, a farm laborer in the employ of Jas. Hartman of Ceveland {sp} township was accidentally shot and killed Tuesday afternoon. The man had been out hunting and had shot a jack-rabbit. He returned to the house and as he was dismounting from a bicycle his shot gun was accidentally discharged, the charge taking effect on the left side of his neck, tearing away the left side of his face. The accident occurred early in the afternoon and he lived until 5 o'clock, being unconscious all the time. Dr. Horsman was summoned but the unfortunate man died before the doctor arrived.

The deceased was quite well known in this vicinity, and had many friends. He was engaged to be married next Monday to Mr. Hartman's daughter, and Miss Hartman was in town arranging for the wedding when the accident occurred. So far as the Inter-Ocean is able to learn the young man had no relatives in this section. His home was in Michigan.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 5/8/1903

Throwing Stones

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