Beyond Reach

The body of Dr. Barrington was found on section 31, township 147, range 56, fifteen miles from Hope. The doctor was going from Mayville to spend Christmas with his family, when the accident occurred which lead to his death. A broken whiffletree left him on the prairie during a storm. After finding protection for himself and animals he probably in the darkness attempted to reach his wrecked sleigh to procure food, and became bewildered and perished, as he would in any other northern country under like circumstances. One or two such instances of death by exposure in a territory as large as the whole of New England and New York combined, have undoubtedly been the foundation of the cock and bull stories of the eastern press regarding our "terrible blizzards."

Cooperstown Courier, 5/16/1884

Dismounting From A Bicycle

Posted 05/11/2017