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La Barge Dies at the Helm.

John B. La Barge, aged seventy years, pilot and commander of river steamers for half a century, fell dead of heart disease at Bismarck, Dak., in the pilot house of the steamer Helena, when the boat was moving from the levees, and about heading up the river for a trip to Benton. La Barge had signalled the engine to be ready, but gave no other signal. When Capt. Burr noticed that La Barge was not at the wheel, and the Helena was drifting toward the steamer Undine, he ran to the pilot house, found the door blocked, and climbing in discovered La Barge dead, lying on the floor against the door. Capt. La Barge had a large family, including grandchildren nearly of age, at St. Louis. He was in government employ during the war, and was, with his brother Joseph, a pioneer in taking boats to Fort Benton.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 5/7/1885

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