Frightful Manner


One Knocked Down With a Piece of Lead Pipe and Beaten.

As a result of a desperate encounter between two ranch employes on the old Barley ranch, Afanasi Romaneko, a Russian, is in the hospital at Lehr, believed to be fatally hurt, and David Berman is in jail awaiting trial.

As nearly as can be ascertained, Romaneko and Berman became engaged in a dispute concerning the disposition of a load of hay, and Berman assaulted Romaneko with a pitchfork, inflicting minor injuries. Romaneko attempted to wrest the weapon away from Berman. In the struggle Berman was hit over the head by the handle of the fork. This is said to have so enraged him that he picked up a piece of lead pipe about three feet long, and with this weapon struck Romaneko down and continued to beat him. Romaneko's injuries consist of a badly injured eye, one or two fractures of the skull, four fractured ribs, two ribs cracked and the bone of one leg cracked.

He is still alive, but there is not much chance of his recovering.

Bowbells Tribune, 6/15/1906

Shot In A Dispute

Posted 06/22/2018