Bullet In His Head

Fell In a Cistern.

Valley City Times-Record: Mrs. E. K. Myhre, wife of Postmaster Myre {sp}, fell in a cistern Monday morning and narrowly escaped drowning. Mrs. Myhre was in the basement assisting the girl with the family laundry when the accident happened. The cistern is a large one, containing about 200 barrels of water, and there was probably seven or eight feet of water in it. The joist which supported the covering had decayed and when Mrs. Myhre stepped on it the whole top fell in. W. E. Mortrude, who is visiting with the Myhre family, happened to be in the house and was called by one of the little girls who saw the accident. He was able to reach Mrs. Myhre and sustain her until a ladder could be brought. If he had not been near at hand the accident might have had a fatal ending, as the girl who was working with Mrs. Myhre was badly scared and unable to render any assistance.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 12/24/1904

Badly Frightened

Posted 12/21/2016