DesLacs Lady Badly Frightened

Two Drunken Men Try to Enter Her Home at Night While Her Husband Is Away—Woman Flees in Darkness with Little Ones

A drunken Greek, an employe of the G. N., and a white man, a sort of a hobo, frightened Mrs. J. M. Jones terribly at her home a mile and a half east of Des Lacs about seven o'clock last Friday night. Mr. Jones had been in Minot and had not yet returned home, when the two men came to the Jones residence. Mrs. Jones was alone with her little four-year-old boy and an eight months' old babe. The men demanded a horse and offered Mrs. Jones some money. The frightened woman informed them that her husband was away, and closed the door, whereupon they tried to get into the house. For fifteen minutes they peered thru the windows and finally started to come thru one of the doors. Mrs. Jones grabbed her babe in her arms and taking the small boy by the hand started to run across the prairie half a mile to the home of Edw. Pirkl. The men did not follow, for in the darkness they could not tell what direction she had taken. They soon left the place and went east. On the way home, Mr. Jones encountered the men. The Greek had hold of the bum and claimed that he had been robbed of $29 by the white man. Jones took the men to Des Lacs where they were placed under arrest.

It was afterwards learned that the Greek had not been robbed, but that instead he had hidden his money under the bridge. The men were brot {sp} to Minot Saturday and given a preliminary hearing before Judge Murray. There being no evidence against them that they had really committed a crime, the Judge allowed them to go.

Ward County Independent, 11/26/1908

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