Neck Being Broken


A drunken row occurred in the Golden West hotel and saloon in Bowdon. John Caplis, the proprietor, and George Butts, an aged farmer, became engaged in a row. Saplis {sp} threw Butts out of the place. Butts immediately got his revolver and returned. Caplis, who was sitting in a chair, arose with an oath, declaring his intentions to put Butts out again. He had made but three steps when Butts drew his revolver, a 38-calibre, and shot Caplis in the forehead. Butts gave himself up to Deputy Sheriff Wiper, who brought him to Fessenden and lodged him in jail. Caplis, it is said, will die.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/15/1901


Fargo Physicians Failed to Take the Bullet From John Caplis' Head.

John Caplis, the man who was shot by Geo. Butts in a row in a Bowdon saloon, was in Jamestown Monday on his return from St. John's hospital in Fargo where he had been securing treatment for the wound. Fargo physicians attempted to locate the bullet in Caplis' head but were unable to do so. The X-rays were used Sunday but the leaden pellet was not found.

Caplis was returning to Bowdon to look after his business interests. He is looking first-rate and says he feels that way. He says he received good treatment at the hospital in Fargo and, while regretting that the bullet was not located, he does not anticipate any further trouble from it.

Inasmuch as Mr. Caplis is now well it is probably that Butts who did the shooting will be released as Caplis favors such action.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 12/5/1901


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