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Two Residences on Sixth Avenue Struck by Lightning last Night.

During the storm Sunday the residence of H. C. Hotchkiss and the adjoining residence occupied by Mr. Spangler both on Sixth avenue south were struck by lightning. The chimneys of both houses were badly shattered and at Mr. Spangler's the stove pipe in the front room on the first floor was bent up, articles of furniture moved about and a child in the same room received a bad shock. At Mr. Hotchkiss' the course of the bolt could be traced from the chimney, where it struck, down to the first floor. The damage to either house was only slight. Mr. Hotchkiss had a peculiar experience and probably a narrow escape. He was lying in a hammock on the front porch and felt a shock when the bolt descended. But the peculiar circumstance was that a pair of eyeglasses which he was wearing were broken in two by the electricity. Luckily no one was injured but quite a number in the neighborhood report receiving bad shocks.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 7/5/1888

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