Broken in Two


Louis Larson Struck on Head With Heavy Scale Weight in Hands of Frank Luchowski

Frank Luchowski, alias Frank Lang, an I.W.W. who Sunday night confessed to the murder of Louis M. Larson, a wealthy Mott farmer, was spirited away from the Hettinger county jail during the night and taken to Dickinson for safe keeping.

Two mobs gathered around the jail, one a band of 150 I.W.W.'s who made threats to tear down the jail and turn the murderer loose, and another mob of about 150 farmers who threatened to lynch Luchowski.

After hours of cross examination, the man made a written confession. He admitted that he killed Larson with a heavy scale weight, after he had quarrelled with his employer. He said that Larson had struck him on the head with a rock while on their way to a hay field.

Larson was 27 years of age and single. The officers knew there was no question as to Luchowski's guilt. When he was arrested blood was found on his clothing.

Numerous mysterious fires, highway robberies, assaults and continual refusal to work for other than outrageous wages, all culminating in the murder of Louis Larson, have so aroused the southwestern North Dakota farmers that clans resembling the old Ku Klux are being organized to rid the county of the I.W.W.'s.

Ward County Indepdendent, 8/10/1916

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