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Marmarth, N. D., Oct.—One of the most terrible tragedies ever occurring in this vicinity occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernan Ostrander when their two youngest children, little girls aged 2 and 4 years were both drowned in one water barrel.

The father was plowing in the fields on his farm and the mother had gone to dig potatoes for the evening meal, with no more thoughts of a tragedy than any other day when she did the same thing. Upon her return she looked everywhere for the little ones who had disappeared during her absence, and after being unable to find them in the house or granary, she went to the water barrel, but little expecting to find them there, as they had always been cautioned not to go there and had never done so previous to this time.

The mother was horrified to find both little bodies in the barrel of water and was immediately overcome with grief upon her discovery. The father hearing the mother's cries of grief came from the fields and took the lifeless little bodies out of the barrel; but too late for resucitation. {sp}

While the mother was at her task of digging the potatoes for supper the little ones had pulled an old hand sled up to the barrel and placed a box on top of the sled, on which they had evidently been standing and gazing into the water. It is quite probable that the little one became overbalanced and fell into the barrel, and the other one had attempted to rescue her with the result she also fell in and both were drowned.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/3/1913

Grafton.—Richard Altendorf was accidently killed while shooting birds with a .22-caliber rifle. He struck a wounded bird with the butt of the right when it was accidentally discharged. The bullet passed through the boy's hand and entered the liver.

Cavalier County Farmers Press, 5/13/1920


House Found In Flames and Aged Woman Bleeding From Severed Artery.

While returning to Milton from a drive southwest of town on Monday evening, Dr. Elliott and Wilson Cox observed a fire in the house of old Mrs. Meling, and upon entering found one corner of the house in flames and the old lady bleeding terribly from a severed artery. After some work the men succeeded in extinguishing the flames and also stopped the flow of blood. Mrs. Meling lives alone on a farm about three-fourths of a mile from her son, E. L. Meling. It seems that the lamp had in some way overturned, and while attempting to throw it out the woman cut her wrist on the broken glass, severing an artery in her wrist. The opportune arrival of the two men not only saved the house from destruction, but very likely also the old lady's life, as she was weakening fast from the loss of blood.

The Wahpeton Times, 5/27/1904

Cando.—Margaret Swartz, a high school student, committed suicide by swallowing two ounces of carbolic acid. Death came 18 hours after she had swallowed the poison. Accusation of misdemeanors by fellow students is said to be the cause of the rash act.

Cavalier County Farmer's Press, 5/20/1920

The 12-year-old son of J. E. Goddard met with a very painful injury Saturday. The little fellow was riding on a pulverizer and and {sp} fell off in front of the machine and was run over, crushing one foot very bad. He is getting along nicely.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/6/1907

Dr. R. M. Elliot was arrested charged with manslaughter in the first degree. About four weeks ago he was called to attend a confinement case at Joseph Larber's sixteen miles northwest of Aberdeen. It is charged that in delivering the woman of the child he dug it out with an iron spoon and fork, killing it. In a few days the mother also died.

Dickinson Press, 5/21/1887

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