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Walks Half a Mile With a Scantling Among His Ribs.

Sandstone, Minn., March 20.—John Whittaker walked half a mile from his mill to his home with a piece of scantling three feet long sticking through his side. The scantling was thrown against a circular saw and hurled back against him, the end striking him above the third rib and piercing his side, without fatal results.

Ward County Independent, 3/25/1903


Kensal, N.D., April 13.—O. B. Johnson, 67, was burned to death when trapped by a fire which destroyed the Kensal livery barn.

aMrtin {sp} Christensen, proprietor of the barn, narrowly escaped death, being awakened by the movements of a frightened cat which was trying to get out of the office where he slept.

The loss, estimated at $10,000, is partially covered by insurance.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/13/1921

Attempted Suicide.

Fargo, N.D., March 17.—Josephine Balke, a domestic, attempted suicide by drinking carbolic acid at the Flamer house last night. The doctors are uncertain as to her recovery. She claims that Carl Rudd, an engineer, betrayed her and upon her upbraiding him for not marrying her, he told her that she had better take poison. This she did, Rudd making no effort to prevent her. Rudd will be held by the police for further developments. He denies the woman's statements.

Jamestown Weekly alert, 3/23/1899

Carl Rudd, of Fargo, the alleged betrayer of Josephine Balke, who attempted suicide with carbolic acid, has skipped the town, a day or two before he was to have married the girl.

Bismarck Tribune, 3/30/1899

The two-year-old daughter of James Sutherland of Fargo fell from a second story window and broke a leg and loosened several teeth. It is thought she will recover.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/25/1900

Spends Night in Strawstack.

Hankinson, N.D., March 7.—Driving home, Mike Kinn became lost when overtaken by a snowstorm. He found a strawpile, unhitched his team and drove it to the sheltered side and then "dug himself into" the straw. He spent the night with comparatively little discomfort, he says, and emerging about 10 a.m. the following day sighted his farm only about half a mile away.

Ward County Independent, 3/9/1922


Fargo, April 18.—Earl Percy, driver for a local taxi line, was shot in the back in a revolver-automobile battle between deputy sheriffs and alleged whisky runners west of town late last night.

Percy's two companions, George Fisher and Joe Koncitti, of Georgetown, Minn., are in the county jail on charges of illegal liquor transportation.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/8/1921

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