Le Roy Fewer


Drops Clarinet in Flight When taken for Woman—Prowling Thru Halls.

When Harry Carr, clarinet player with the Kilties band, wended his way homeward last evening after a strenuous day at the Grand Forks fair, and also a strenuous evening, for it was not early, he entered what he thought was the residence where he roomed and stole quietly up the stairs. His valuable clarinet was left in one of the halls on the second floor and he proceeded to a room, determined to enjoy a well earned rest.

He quietly opened the room door and was about to enter when he noticed that the bed which he expected to occupy already harbored a sleeper. The next room was also filled, and stealthy steps could be heard in other sections of the house.

When the creak of a door sounded through the gloomy halls, Carr became suspicious and within less than a moment, concluded that he was in the wrong house. A hasty retreat was made and even the clarinet was forgotten.

An alarm was sent in to the Grand Forks police station from North Seventh street, declaring that a strange woman was prowling through a residence and that she had dropped a clarinet in making a hasty flight. Sleuths were placed on the trail and the owner of the instrument was discovered this morning, one block further up the street, worrying about the loss of his clarinet, but fearing arrest for house breaking.

Carr appeared at the police station this morning to recover the instrument. He succeeded in describing it to the satisfaction of Desk Sergeant Schuyler but explanations were necessary, and the Kiltie clad musician was profuse with the details.

"How did the woman get your clarinet?" asked the sergeant.

"I don't know, the last I saw of it was when I dropped it in the hall on my way out," claimed Carr.

Details were threshed out, and it finally dawned upon the desk sergeant that the Kiltie uniform had been mistaken for a skirt.

Grand Forks Herald, 7/28/1916

Picknicker Prank

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