Struck a Rut

Broke Into Two Homes

A young Norwegian fellow, who claims that he was drunk, broke into the residences of Miss Thornton, a school teacher, and a Mrs. Rebrud, at an early hour Sunday morning last week. In both cases he entered thru {sp} a ʍindow {sp} by breaking the glass.

Miss Thornton was arroused {sp} from a sound sleep and was frightened to see a man standing by her bed. The fellow struck a light, and when he saw the woman was awake, he made a hasty exit out of the window.

At the Rebrud home, he frightened Miss Christine Rebrud nearly to death. The young woman jumped from her bed and when she saw the fellow walking towards her and tried to jump out another window. In so doing she broke the glass` cutting her hand badly. The fellow also made a quick get-away from the Rebrud home thru {sp} the window. He came around next day and settled for the glass.

Ward County Independent, 7/12/1905

Le Roy Fewer

Posted 07/28/2015