Frightfully Mangled

"Wrinkle Meat" Nearly Killed Fred Willman 31 Years Ago

Fred J Willman informs the Independent that he was well acquainted with John N Smith, known as "Wrinkle Meat," the aged Minnesota Indian who died recently. Smith was credited with being 132 years old at the time of his death, tho good authority it was learned that he was probably less than a hundred. "Wrinkle Meat" once came near killing Mr. Willman, who was employed as a guide for Chicago parties at the lakes in Northern Minnesota. Mr. Willman and a friend where coming around a bend in the lake in a birch bark canoe at dusk and the old Indian was on the bank, looking for deer. He saw the canoe and at first thot {sp} it was a deer, He pulled up his rifle and was about to shoot when he heard the men talking. This was 31 years ago and Mr. Willman said the old man appeared to be about 70 years old at that time.

Ward County Independent, 3/9/1922

Stubble Fire

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