No 7 Burns

Shoots Girl, Kills Himself

Buhl, Minn., June 16—Matt Hakkala, owner of a farm 3 miles south of here, shot and fatally wounded Miss Hilda Nikkila and then killed himself at his home. He died almost instantly and the woman succumbed in a few hours after the shooting.

Miss Nikkila, it was said, had been a visitor to the Hakkala home. The shooting occurred at 3 o'clock this morning, and it aroused the other members of the household, including Hakkala's father, his housekeeper and four children.

Hakkala's oldest son found his father lying dead in a pool of blood on the bedroom floor and Miss Nikkila was found dying on the bed. The family could give no motive for the shooting. The woman was 30 years old and Hakkala was about 45.

Bismarck Tribune, 6-16-1922

Desperado Captured

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