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A Desperado Captured.

About two weeks ago a man came into this place and stated that he came from St. Cloud; and wanted employment. Mr. Nestor at once hired him to work on the road between this city and Brunswick with a crew of men. This man gave his name as John Barney. On Thursday of last week two men, (we withhold their names for various reasons) arrived from Breckenridge, and being around the hotel in the evening noticed this man Barney, and recognized him as the notorious John Seymour, alias "Black Jack," alias John Barney, the leader of the band of horse thieves and robbers, who have long infested the northwestern part of the State. The men gave the authorities the information, and on the following day Constable Byers with the assistance of John McElroy succeeded in capturing him while he was at work on the road. When he found that he was fast and could not get away from the officers, he exclaimed that he was "up again for a sale!" He was immediately put in irons, word sent to Breckenridge to the Sheriff, who answered to hold him and take him as far as St Paul, where he would meet the officer having him in charge. This was done on Wednesday, Constable Byers conducting him as far as St Paul. Seymour was arrested this time on the charge of stealing a horse from one Edwards about the 23d of September last, the horse having been found in his possession after it was taken. It is also reported that he has shot and killed several men, and that his last act of this character was shooting and severely wounding a man at Grand Forks on the Red River about the first of September last. It is considered by those who know him that if he gets what he deserves at the hands of the law he will "swing," and at present it is very probable that he will have a hearing before a tribunal of justice.

Pine County News, 11/7/1874 (Source)

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