Wrapped In White

Dr. DePuy and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eager recently had an exciting wolf chase with hounds. The party was out eight miles southwest of the city when the dogs started at a large gray wolf. The hounds gave chase and the occupants in the carriage followed as rapidly as the team could run. The chase was across lots over the prairie and in some places the carriage wheels touched but the high spots as the horses entered into the sport and ran their best. The ride was exciting to a degree and was only ended by the wolf taking refuge in a deserted building from the windows of which the glass had been broken. Here one of the party got out and "shooed" the wolf from a room in one corner of which he had taken refuge. As his wolfship shot through a window to escape the Russian wolf hounds pounced on him and soon killed him. The hounds came out of the fray with hardly a scratch. "Whiskers" and the Russian hounds have learned by experience to be cautious and it takes a pretty cunning wolf or jack rabbit to beat them when it comes to artful dodging and work at close quarters.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 5/30/1895

Not In Any Such Shape

Posted 05/30/2016