Shot A Man

Accident at Yankton Agency.

Springfield Times

One day last week a party of young Indian men at Yankton Agency went out duck hunting to a lake not far distant. Arriving at the lake the party separated and took stations around it and each concealed himself in the grass. As the party were constantly shooting at ducks the discharge of a gun was of course unnoticd {sp}. When gathered together again at the time for returning home, one of the number, by name of Ed. Bishop, an unusually smart and well edncated {sp} man, was found missing. His comrades went at once to the place where he was last seen and found him lying in the grass dead, with a fearful wound in his breast. The muzzle of the gun must have been pointed directly at the heart, as that organ was pierced by the charge, but whether the shooting was accidental or intentional cannot be told, though it is believed to have been thə {sp} former.

Jamestown Alert, 5/5/1882

Injured Digit

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