Pulled The Trigger


North Dakota Justice Then Ties the Knot.

Judge William Murray of the Minot police court found a wife for Elmer Jones, a stranger, recently, and received a check for $300.

Jones entered the judge's office one night and asked if he could get married. "When will you bring the young lady around?" asked the judge. "I haven't found her; can't you find a wife for me?" was the reply.

The judge said he would do the best he could, and in a few minutes secured the consent of a bright young lady twenty-two years old.

By this time Jones had changed his mind and asked that the matter be deferred until another day. But he appeared at 2 o'clock the next afternoon and requested that the ceremony be performed. The first girl had disappeared, but Judge Murray said he would find another. This he did and the two were married.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 4/18/1907

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