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Mixture of Drinks Cause Fatal Fight Between Two Men.

Fergus Falls, Minn., Aug. 30—Peter Kanti, a Finlander residing in the town of Deer Creek, received probably fatal injuries at the hands of Henry Mork and John Hakkila, his neighbors, last night.

The two men had been drinking, and went to Kanti's home, where they were hospitably received and treated to coffee. They added some whisky to the coffee, and after drinking a quantity of the mixture, began discussing their relative strength. Mr. Kanti, who is rather an elderly man, stated that he was something of an athlete in his younger days in Finland, and was by no means a weakling yet. The discussion became animated and a scuffle followed.

Kanti was knocked down and the two men are alleged to have kicked and otherwise abused him until his face and head were one mass of cuts and bruises. His wife interfered and was also injured.

A physician was summoned and is doubtful as to whether Kanti will recover. Sheriff Albertson went to Deer Creek and arrested Mork and Hakkila, and they are being held without bail to await developments.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 8/30/1906

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