Whiskey Vs Coffee

Doctor Pence of Balfour, was called to administer to some Russian children who had been poisoned by eating water hemlock, says the Statesman. One died a few minutes after the doctor called. To the other two antidotes were administered and they recovered. The doctor took some of the poisonous vegetables and sent them to Prof. Bolley of the State Agricultural college at Fargo, with a history of the case. He received word back that the poisonous vegetables were water hemlock and that those that had eaten of the same whether human beings or stock generally went their way to the world beyond and asked the doctor what his method of treatment was that had been so successful with the two children that recovered. A few days after the children recovered they were brought to town to see Dr. Pence. One little girl ran out of doors and pulled some weeds out of a pond at the edge of the street. The athletic young doctor gathered the little tot in and turned her over his knee and gave her a good spanking.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 8/30/1906

Shot Through Leg

Posted 09/13/2016