Young Son of Rolette Farmer Climbed Tower, and Got Clothing in Machinery.

Rolette, N. D., Sept. 10.—The young son of Mr. and Mrs. August Schultz, living two miles north of this city, met with a very serious accident that might easily have proven fatal, when he climbed into the tower of the windmill and his clothing became twisted in the machinery.

On the windmill the pump shaft revolves, instead of working up and down as others do, and while standing with a foot on each side of the shaft, the lad's clothing became twisted around the shaft. His hold was loosened from the frame and he was whirling around within the frame of the tower with such force that, when a sudden gust of wind would come, his head and upper part of his body would strike the heavy timberwork of the frame.

His screams, as he realized the deadly shaft was breaking his grip on the framework, quickly brought him aid, but not before he had been seriously injured. In being whirled around his head struck the heavy timbers of the tower and his skull was fractured, besides numerous other cuts and bruises about the head and face.

Bismarck Tribune, 9/11/1914

Susie Pickle

Posted 08/17/2017