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Lakota, N. D., Aug. 2.— The last case to be tried in the term of district court just closed in Nelson county, was that of Susie Pickle vs. John Anton. The plaintiff, suing for $20,000 damages for breach of promise, was awarded $5,780.

The plaintiff alleged that she had kept house for the defendant for several years on his farm, and that a marriage agreement had been entered into some weeks ago. It happened, however, that last March Mr. Anton had met and suddenly married another woman, a certain Miss Ella Minden.

The jury arrived at a verdict in a very short time.

Grand Forks Herald, 8/2/1919


Devils Lake, N. D., April 2.—It has thus far cost John Anton of Dallon, {sp} Nelson county $12,000 for discarding the sweet affection of one Miss Pickle now of Walsh county but formerly Anton's housekeeper. A jury in Lakota last week gave Miss Pickle a verdict of $6,000 in her suit against Anton for false imprisonment. Two years ago Miss Pickle collected $6,000 from Anton after she sued him for breach of promise.

Miss Pickle came to Anton as a housekeeper. They became engaged to be married, but later Anton married someone else and had Miss Pickle confined in jail as being insane. She spent about six days in jail, and was released after the Insanity commission found that there was nothing the matter with her mind. She sued Anton for $15,000 on the breach of promise suit and another $15,000 on the false imprisonment complaint, collecting on the two $12,000. Fred C. Cuthbert was Miss Pickle's attorney in both cases and Tracey Bangs of Grand Forks appeared for Anton.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 4/7/1921

Ed: this was appealed to the ND Supreme Court, Which includes a lot of interesting, amusing, and sexist testimony and commentary.

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