Horse Was Drowned


Young Man And Woman Drowned Sunday Evening While Canoeing In Lake Upsilon—Near Shore

Word reached friends in this city Monday evening of the sad death by drowning of A. J. Kyle and Miss Katherine Brackett, two prominent young people of Roulette {sp} county. The young people were out on Lake Upsilon Sunday evening in a canoe and were only about twenty feet from the shore when the canoe upset. The young man was unable to get his companion to shore and as no men were near they both drowned. The boys mother was on the shore at the time but as she is very fleshy, weighing over three hundred, she was unable to lend any assistance and had to watch her son drown almost within arms reach. Mr. Kayle was one of the leading businessmen of St. John, having been very successful in the hardware business. Miss Kayle has been a deputy in one of the county offices for several years.

Williston Graphic, 9/1/1910

Accident Proved Fatal

Posted 09/05/2013