Very Fleshy

Accident Proved Fatal

The death of S. J. McAnally, the young man ran over by a stock train at Medina Friday, occurred at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. He rallied after the operation, the right leg being amputated well above the knee, but the shock was too great and in the afternoon it was seen that he was failing. All during the night after the operation Dr. Rankin stayed by the bedside of Mr. McAnally and did all his power to relieve him. Fred Klapp, also, was present during the operation and rendered material assistance. Dr. McAnally was notified of the accident to his son and immediately answered that all attention be given him until he came. The doctor was expected to arrive here today, or tomorrow sure. It is understood he is a Mason. The body now lies in the undertaking parlors of A. M. Halstead.

Jamestown Alert, 9/1/1898

Mother and Daughters

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