Full In The Back


Mott, N. D., Oct. 15.—Caught in the reins and dragged to death was the untoward fate of Leland Stebner, the twelve-year-old nephew of Mrs. A. W. Elliott, who lives four miles north of Regent. The Stebners make their home with the Elliotts and the pony was grazing in the yard saddled and bridled when the little fellow went up to it. The pony started to run, the dragging bridle reins caught the lad's foot, entangling more and more as the animal's speed increased. The aunt in the excitement ran across the field but was unable to catch the animal. When the boy was finally taken from the entangled bridle reins he was still living but his head was so severely battered that death followed.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/16/1914

Vile Names

Posted 10/18/2017