Velva, Oct. 30.—Ed. Young, aged 35, single, was accidentally shot in the back this afternoon by George Havlen, aged 17, three miles south of here while shooting chickens, and died within one mile of the city while being rushed here for medical treatment.

Havlen is not known very well here, as he arrived but a few days ago to be Young's guest. They went out into the fields to hunt, and about noon were strolling along, Young in the lead and Havlen following. Without warning Havlen's gun was discharged, the charge striking Young full in the back. When Havlen saw what happened he immediately gave the alarm at a neighboring farm house. Young was placed in a wagon for the purpose of bringing him to town for medical attention. He died, however, before those in charge could reach the city.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 11/6/1913

Untoward Fate

Posted 10/17/2017