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Charred Bodies, Burned Beyond Recognition Found in House Ruins

Believed That Women Were the Victims of a Tramp Maniac

Meadow, S.D., Oct 3.—Murdered and then cremated, the bodies of Mrs. A Fox and her 15-year-old daughter were found Friday, lying in the charred ruins of their home.

With the flesh fried from the bones the bodies were in such a condition as to be unrecognizable. Mrs. Fox was identified by a diamond engagement ring that she wore.

Two bullet holes through the charred skull bore mute evidence of the murder.

Although no bullet marks were discovered on the daughter's remains, it is the theory of the authorities that she met the same fate as her mother.

The police believe that both women were shot and their bodies dragged inside the whoase {sp}, which was then fired by the killer to hide the evidence of his crime.

The police have no clue to the identity of the {illeg.}. So far as is known neither the woman nor her daughter had any enemies in this section of the country.

It is believed that the murder was committed by tramps, who desired to loot the house, though this theory is disputed by the neighbors, who point to the fact that the jewelry worn by Mrs. Fox was undisturbed.

Neighbors believe that the two women were attacked by an insane man, who murdered from the sheer lust of killing.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/4/1913

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