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Switchman's "Highball" Signal Hits Girl

Train Whirls On.

Fargo.—Jeffe V Bledsoe, switchman for the Great Northern, reported to the railroad officials here that while near the Eighth street crossing, on the rear end of a passenger train drag, being brought to Fargo from Moorhead, his swinging switch lantern hit a girl in the face. The train was moving swiftly at the time and he was able only to see that the girl's face was bleeding when she disappeared in the gloom. He had just given the "highball" for the train to move along faster when the lantern hit the girl, who evidently was waiting too near the train for the cars to pass and let her by. The girl could not be found up to a late hour to-night.

Turtle Mountain Star - Dec 2 1909

Searching For Father

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