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Mrs. Stephen Silvernagel of Strasburg Suffers From Strange Accident

Mrs. Stephen Silvernagel, 21-year-old wife of a farmer living 10 miles from Strasburg, is in a local hospital recovering from an amputation of her left leg above the knee made necessary as the result of an accident which resulted in the leg being torn off at the knww. Although suffering from loss of blood and shock, Mrs. Silvernakel is expected to recover, her physician, Dr. F. R. Strauss, stated today.

Mrs. Silvernagel was plowing on the farm while her husband in an adjoining field was seeding. As she was nearing the end of the last furrow Mrs. Silvernagel, in some unaccountable manner, slipped and her left foot got caught in the wheel of the plow. She called to the horses to stop, when she felt herself falling, but the animals kept on going several yards.

Tourniquet Made

As the wheel continued to revolve, it twisted Mrs. Silvernagel's left leg several turns until the limb was torn off at the knee. This twisting caused the nerves and blood vessels to be drawn down and they became so tightened as to prevent the flow of blood through the several veins.

Mr. Silvernagel, hearing his wife's screams, rushed to her side, tore a piece of her dress and bandaged the torn limb, placed his wife in an automobile and drove her to Bismarck, a distance of 75 miles. She was operated on eight hours after the accident occurred.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/13/1920

Apparently Mrs. Silvernagel was four months pregnant at the time of the accident.

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