Twin Night


As Sid Ackland, Robt. Laybourne Jr., and D. Davis were driving near town Sunday afternoon, their team became frightened by an automobile and jumped a ditch, throwing Davis who was driving, violently to the ground. The team being liberated ran in the direction of the bridge. Laybourne by a supreme effort succeeded in getting hold of the lines and was just bracing himself to pull the horses up when the vehicle struck the bridge with terrific impact. Both of the occupants were thrown head foremost out on the bridge. Laybourne was severely cut about the face and was badly bruised about the chest and legs. Ackland also sustained injuries that will keep him in bed for some time. Meanwhile Davis was restored to consciousness and Dr. Law was hastily summoned to the scene and now has all three patients on the way to recovery. From the nature of the accident it is almost miraculous that they escaped with their lives.

The Hannah Moon, 10/26/1907

Chastised Wife

Posted 10/16/2012