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Bond Mystery Passes Away

Former Clerk Walks Right Into Vault And Locates 'Em

The mystery of the missing bonds is no mystery today.

N.L. Lillestrand, formerly clerk of the land commissioner under W.J. Prater returned to the city today after an absence of several days and went straightway to the place where the bonds were resting securely in the vault.

Consternation reigned in the land office some days ago when C.R. Kositzky, new land commissioner, sought them so that $28,000 could be paid to the city of Minot, the bonds having been purchased from that city. A search made of the vault then failed to locate them. Mr. Lillestrand walked right into the vault and picked them up from under a book where he had placed them.

The mystery has disappeared, peace reigns and the city of Minot will get her money, excepting for one $1,000 bond which seems to have been lost for many months.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-18-1922

Mystery Seen

Posted 10/18/2012