Beat Up

As Good as a Goat Story

A new dynamite story is going the rounds and was first published in the Mondak News. "A very queer accident occurred a few days ago a short distance from town. Some coal miners had secured a fresh supply of dynamite for blasting purposes and left it on the outside of their shack. In the morning it was nearly all missing and what was left was all crumbled and chewed up, and from the tracks around it was plain to be seen it had been eaten by cattle. In a short time there was a terrific explosion down by the river. Upon investigation it was found that a large steer had fallen over the river bank and the impact of the fall set off the explosive. A large section of the bank was blown away and the ice was broken one-third of the distance across the river. The steer was killed by the accident.

Washburn LEader, 2/19/1909

Perished in the Blizzard

Posted 02/23/2018