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Clarence Parker was arrested the first of the week on complaint of Salom Nickola of Zenith on a charge of assault. It is alleged that Parker went into the store at Zenith a few nights ago and proceeded to "beat up" the proprietor. Afterward he went to the local justice of the peace and paid a fine of $5.00. When brought before Judge Folsom Wednesday Parker was assessed a fine of $50 for his part in the affair.

It seems that Parker was under the impression that when he slipped quietly over to the justice and paid the five-dollar fine that he was entirely through with the matter, but upon proceeding further the state's attorney learned that the Zenith justice of the peace was not a qualified officer, his bond and oath not having been filed with the clerk of court.

Attorney C. H. Starke appeared for the defendant in the action before Judge Folsom and State's Attorney Burgeson prosecuted.

Dickinson Press, 2/10/1917

Terrific Explosion

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