Above the Knees


North Dakota Man Loses His Feet as the Result of Boozing.

At a consultation of physicians at Grand Forks in the case of Arthur Deparis, who was terribly frozen in his shack at Lakota, it was decided that there was no hope of having his feet. An operation will be performed within the next few days. One leg will be amputated near the knee and it is hoped to save part of the foot of the other limb. Deparis' condition has been so critical that an operation could not be performed. He was found in his shack by H. J. and Fred Smith. About a week before he received a case of liquor and took it to his shack. He locked the door on the inside and consumed the liquor. When Smith called on him he was unable to unlock the door, being helpless in bed. A physician was summoned and he was taken to Grand Forks. His feet were swollen to an enormous size. Deparis is a carpenter.

Wahpeton Times, 2/20/1908

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