Singular Accident

Robert McConnell of Cavalier was found lying in the railroad ditch near his farm week ago Tuesday. Mr McConnell was engaged in fixing a ditch to keep water from overflowing from the railway ditch on his farm. He was subject to epilepsy. There was about two feet of water in the ditch and he was lying on his face. He was working alone and was discovered by the hired man who was made anxious by his long absence. He was dead when found. Mr. McConnell was for many years a resident of the Bruce neighborhood and settled there in 1880. He moved to Cavalier about twelve years ago. He was well-to-do. He was a member of the M. E. church and was highly respected. Alex. and William McConnell and Mrs. E. Renwick of Bruce, Thos. G. McConnell, J. A. McGonnell {sp}, and Mas. C. E. Backer of Cavalier, Mrs. E. Schluchter of Backoo, are children left to mourn with the widow.

Pembina Pioneer Express, 6/7/1912

Killed The Horses

Posted 07/03/2015