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john peters shot rudolph steinmund in the forehead today.


Wounded Boy Taken to Garrison But Efforts to Save Him Were In Vain.

Garrison, N.D., July 4.—Rudolph Steinmund, age 18, a son of John Steinmund, a prosperous farmer living a few miles east of this place was shot in the forehead by John Peters and after lingering for five hours died. The accident occurred about ten miles southwest of this place on the banks of the Missouri river, where three Steinmund and the Peters boys had gone to gather June berries.

Shot to Scare Horses.

Peters, who is 17 years of age, had a twenty-two calibre rifle with him and when a bunch of horses began to bother the team he fired a shot into the bushes to frighten the horses with the noise and was not aware of the whereabouts of the boy at the time. The bullet fired lodged in the boy's forehead and it is presumed it entered the brain.

Run Horses to Town.

The other two Steinmund boys placed the wounded boy in the wagon and almost killed the horses in driving them to town in order to consult a physician. They made the drive in about half an hour but their efforts were futile as the doctor could do nothing to save the wounded lad, who expired a few hours after reaching here.

Peters Boy Not in Town.

There was an inquiry to develop the whereabouts of the Peters boy. He had possibly staid {sp} behind on account of fear when the others went to town. Other reports state he had taken to the timber along the Missouri and that he is in hiding.

Coroner Notified.

Coroner Schulstad of Dogden was immediately notified by telephone. An inquest will likely be held to determine the exact way in which the boy met his death and ascertain if there had been any negligence on the part of John Peters.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/4/1914

July 4th 1912

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