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Unknown Man Causes Explosion in Boy's Face and Escapes—Story Confirmed.

Regent, N.D., Sept 23.—That an unknown man exploded something in his face, is the story told by Emil Neprash, confirmed by his brother, and the boy probably will lose his eyesight.

Both boys say they were in a field near their home when a man approached them, one hand covered with a big handkerchief. Walking up to Emil the man put the handkerchief close to the boy's face and there was an explosion. "There, take that, will you," said the man, as he walked away. The boy's brother guided him home and the man drove away.

Officials believe a revolver and blank cartridges were used and have a party under surveillance.

Turtle Mountain Star, 9/25/1913

Editor's note: according to census data, Emil would have been 6 or 7 years old.

No Time To Dodge

Posted 12/01/2014