An unknown man dropped dead while seated at the supper table in E. A. King's restaurant last evening shortly before 6 p.m. The deceased with a companion was employed on the O'Donnell threshing rig south of town the past season and had been around town for several days, drinking heavily. He was drunk yesterday and shortly after seating himself at the table he stiffened out and fell to the floor, death being instantaneous.

The body was removed to Wipperman's Undertaking rooms and Coroner Kitely came over from Fairmount this morning. After examining some of the witnesses he decided that an inquest was unnecessary, death being due to heart failure beyond a doubt. The deceased was about 35 years old but absolutely nothing can be learned about him, his partner not even knowing his name. There were no papers on the body by which he could be identified. He will be buried at the county's expense.

Hankinson News, 11/26/1905

A Minnesota woman writes to Mayor Wipperman relative to the unknown man who dropped dead in King's restaurant last fall. She thinks the man is her brother who was subject to epileptic fits. He left for North Dakota last fall and has not been heard of since. A photograph of the missing man was enclosed.

Hankinson News, 3/22/1906

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