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Demented Morton County Farmer Tries to Kill His Wife and Himself

Foust's land office at Glenullin was the scene of an attempted murder and suicide. Mrs. John Keisler, driven from her home Friday with an infant only six days old, by her insane and cruel husband, came to County Commissioner Faust for counsel and aid. Mr. Keisler, whose home is twelve miles north of Glenullin, followed his wife to town and finding her at the land office, attempted to take her life with a knife that he had specially prepared for the occasion. He was prevented from carrying out his murderous purpose by the timely interference of Foust and another man, who were in the office at the time. Mr. Keisler, finding himself defeated in his efforts to kill his wife, suddenly drew the knife across his own throat, partially severing the jugular vein. Dr. Strauss reached the man in time to save him from bleeding to death. There are eight children in the Keisler family, the two younger ones being six days and fourteen months respectively. Arrangements are being made to take Mr. Keisler to the asylum in Jamestown.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/2/1905

Germs of Putrefaction

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