Fell From Barn

Found Dead In Water

Frederic Martin, a Farmer is Found Dead in Sherry Creek—Did not Drown.

The body of Frederic Martin of Fremont, Ohio, was found on the evening of July 26th, lying in Sherry Creek near Schafer, McKenzie county. The remains were brought to this city and prepared for shipment to the relatives of the deceased in Ohio. Mr. Martin arrived here on Wednesday, July 18 and was visiting his son, John Martin who runs a hardware store in Schafer. On the morning of the 26th Mr Martin took a walk out to the spring and around by the oat field. On his way home he started back across Sherry Creek where the water is but six inches deep and it was there that the body was found lying face down in the water. He went out about 10 o'clock in the morning and as he dId {sp} not get back by noon his son became anxious and started to hunt for him. About eight in the evening the body was found. It was thought at the time that Mr. Martin had drowned but when the body was examined by Coroner Thomas it was found that this was not the case as there was no water whatever in the lungs or stomach. The condition of the brain, however, led to the belief that the deceased had suffered from an apoplectic stroke just at the time of crossing the creek and had fallen on his face. Death must have been almost instantaneous for if the deceased had breathed while lying in the water some of ut must have been taken in on the lungs. The deceased leaves a wife, seven daughters and a son in the east besides the son at Schafer, to mourn his loss.

Williston Graphic, 8/2/1906

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