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Fargo Forum: The quiet little village of Grandin and vicinity is greatly wrought up at present over chanrges reported as having been preferred by Mrs. George Sugg against one of the Flatt boys whom she claims is the father of her month old baby.

The records of the county show that George Sugg and Emma Cauthers were licensed to marry on April 18, and the ceremony was performed on April 24. About a month ago Mrs. Sugg gave birth to a fully developed child. Sugg disclaimed the parentage and it is claimed has since been making things exceedingly disagreeable for his wife.

A few days ago Mrs. Sugg created a profound sensation by going to the house of her grandfather, the elder Mr. Flatt and laying the month old child in the arms of her uncle, one of the Flatt boys, with the remark, "Here is your child, take care of it." Flatt indignantly denied being the father of the child, but Mrs. Sugg insisted, and positively refused to take the child home with her again.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 1-25-1896

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