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Former Soldier Cuts Throat In Railroad Coach

Slips While Trying To Open Car
Window and Penknife
Inflicts Wound

Peter Jasperson, a returned soldier from Iowa, en route to the west on Northern Pacific train No. 8, jabbed himself in the throat with a pocket knife while the train was in Bismarck at 12:35 this afternoon and inflicted a superficial wound. Although the injured man believed the gash is not considered to be life threatening. He was taken to the St Alexius hospital where he is resting easily and may be able to continue his trip to the West next week.

The police authorities who investigated the matter claim that Jasperson, while attempting to raise a window in the car in which he was riding, had, in trying to {illeg.} slipped and the knife {illeg.} damage to the windpipe. The former soldier was traveling alone and believed to be bound for Tacoma or Seattle, Wash.

Jasperson was unable to give a history of himself or exactly how the wound was inflicted, because of his injury. He is about twenty years of age, well dressed, and carried an honorable discharge from the army in his pocket.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/3/1920

Dan Cupid

Posted 02/13/2013