Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Strong, of Black, reached Villard, last evening in search of their son Al, a boy about sixteen years of age, who left home suddenly and mysteriously yesterday. For the past few weeks the boy had been working at Minot for Waldref Bros., in the brick yard. He was at minot during the stay of Taylor's "praying band," and was a constant visitor at the camp meeting, during which, it seems, that Mr. Taylor obtained an undue influence over the boy, and completely "turned his head," by the constant exhortations for him to join the army of "solid Multoons," and inviting him to attend the proposed great camp meeting in Jamestown, for which place it is supposed the boy has struck out. Mr. and Mrs. Strong are extremely lenient and kind to their children, and Al has never had the least greivance to complain of. His visits at the camp meeting simply inspired him with develish {sp} notions instead of Christian love, and boy-like he allowed the worst impulses to control him. If Bro. Taylor's religious teaching has this influence over the youth of the country we would advise him to resign the ministry and engage in some honorable pursuit.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 7/14/1887

The action of malicious individuals who carved the ropes and cut a hole in Rev. B. S. Taylor's tent last week caused the greatest indignation among our citizens, and relief, so far as damage is concerned, was forthcoming. This is the meanest and most contemptible outrage possible for any set of cowardly curs to commit, and it would be no surprise to us and simply and act of justice, if the guilty parties, when discovered, are strung up to a telegraph pole to die the death of the dogs they are.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 7/14/1887

Immoral Purposes

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