Immoral Purposes

A Meteoric Shower.

The Sandborn Enterprise in a former issue made mention of "mud balls" which fell with hail during the storm on the night of July 6th. The Enterprises says it was erroneously informed as to the substance of which three remarkable globules are composed, the coating of soil taken on when they struck the ground evidently misleading our informant. Our friend, Emil Djuberg, has kindly presented to us a handful of these stones, evidently of meteoric origin. They range in size from a small pea to an inch in diameter, and in appearance resemble iron bullets, only that they have an irregular surface bery much like that of a sycamore ball. Our theory is that an aerolite or meteoric stone in a semi-molten state was precipitated into the storm cloud and at the moment of contact an explosion occurred, scattering the aerolite into fragments, which being instantly cooled, gave them the spherical form as of molten iron dropped into water. So far as we have been able to definitely trace it the phenomenon is confined to one section, or more accurately, to a quarter section of land, although rumor has it that other places in the storm's path received a shower of this novel "hail." On the farm of Alfred Andserson the morning after the storm the ground was covered with these extraordinary and mysterious arrivals from space, the lighter ones lying on the surface, the heavier ones imbedded an inch or two in the plowed g5round, the holes plainly indicating where they were to be found, a dozen or more in a space of a foot square. On breaking one open a small, hard centre is found to be the nucleus upon which the outer portion has been deposited or formed, the whole, in substance and weight, resembling iron-ore. Verily, it was a strange freak of nature.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 7/31/1890

Elevator Bursts

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