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Shot Off His Arm

Henry Langrebe, who has been a resident of Bismarck for a number of years, met with a serious and almost fatal accident yesterday while hunting jack-rabbits on the prairie. By the accidental discharge the gun the entire charge was fired into his left arm, which was so terribly mangled that it is feared amputation will be necessary. He was brought to the city faint and exhausted from the loss of blood and taken to the hospital, where he was placed under the influence of opiates by Dr. Corson, who was called. A consultation of physicians will be help this morning for the purpose of deciding whether or not amputation is necessary. Langrebe was hunting about 8 miles southeast of the city in company with a friend. Langrebe was in the buggy, when a jack-rabbit ran across the road in front. He jumped from the buggy, and while on the ground grasped the gun with his left hand, and was pulling it out when the hammer was caught in the blanket and the weapon discharged.

Langrebe refused to come to the city with his companion, fearing that he would bleed to death on the trip. This news reached Mr. Fischer, of the firm of Kuntz & Fisher, who immediately went to him and brought him in for treatment. Mr. Fischer deserves credit for his good impulse and prompt action, but for which the victim of the accident might have been left to the mercy of his wounds so long [illeg.] medical treatment would be of no...[illegible].

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 1/10/1890

Kaiser Going Home

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