Case of Glanders

Man Is Alleged to Have Stolen Same Horse Twice

Having waived examination and been bound over to the district court on two charges of horse stealing within a week, Robert Drake, who lives west of Regan, is now awaiting arraignment in district court, having indicated that he will pleas guilty to both charges, according to Justice of the Peace R. H. Crane, in whose court he was first arraigned.

The peculiar part of the transaction is that Drake is said to have stolen the same horse twice.

Drake, according to the story told by complaining witnesses and which, according to Crane, Drake admits, first stole a horse from Leon Webster, a neighbor. He then traded the horse to W. A. Stiles, another resident of the vicinity, for a mare and gold. Returning to the Stiles farm at midnight, he again stole the horse, later turning the mare and cold loose on the prairie.

Drake is at present in the county jail, having failed to furnish the $1,000 bonds demanded to him to secure his liberty—$500 on each grand larceny count.

The Bismarck Tribune, 4/17/1928

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