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Lisbon furnishes a divorce case that will attract interest as it concerns Hon. A. H. Laughlin, the present commissioner of labor, who is plaintiff in proceedings brought against his wife for divorce. In his complaint Mr. Laughlin alleges wilful {sp} absence and extreme cruelty. Mrs. Laughlin recently filed an answer. She denies the charges brought against her by Mr. Laughlin and claims that the suit is the result of too much mother-in-law. She says that she has been obliged to act as second officer in the household to Mr. Laughlin's mother who was living with them. She avers that her husband banished her to the cheese factory where she lived with her two small children until recently, when she moved into a small house near by at the plaintiff's request. The case comes on early in June.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 5/30/1895

Obnoxious To Her Family

Posted 06/13/2016