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Woman In Pitiful Condition.

Towner, N. D., June 15.—Mrs. Sanka Koorenny, living near Kief was brought to Towner Sunday by Sheriff Sampson and was re-committed to the asylum by the insanity board.

Mrs. Koorenny has been in the asylum on two different occasions and was released, but lately refused to eat, and wandered about and made herself very obnoxious to her family. She has been living with her son, a blind man, and as he could not see what she was doing became alarmed and swore out the warrant.

McHenry county people will remember when the Koorenny people were well to do, having a fine farm, the best of live stock and besides had considerable money. At the time so many people were investing in Cuban lands they got the fever and bought a large plantation they supposed was litterly {sp} lined with fruit trees, and left this country with the intention of going there to live. The land was absolutely worthless and they returned to McHenry county penniless. It was at this time that Mrs. Koorenny was first committed to the asylum but was released and in a short time was committed again with the same result. Her husband left home the last time she returned and has not been heard of since. She is the mother of 15 children, part of them being dead and three of them are living with the blind young man near Kief.

Ward County Independent, 6/15/1911

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