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Run Over by North Western Train Near Dry Run

Pierre, May 17.—The train from the east today was nearly a half hour late, and upon its arrival the delay was found to be due to a terrible accident.

About five miles east of town, near Dry Run, the engine run over and killed Jenner Gould, the son of J.H. Gould, who has lived so long near Canning but more recently has been interested in the real estate business in Pierre.

After the Gould ranch was sold about two years ago, Mrs. Gould and the two younger children went to New York, where Mrs. Gould was interested in settling her father's estate, but Jenner has been working in the vicinity of Canning and has been lately employed by Chas. Metzgar.

It is reported that he left Metgar's last Saturday, adn a number of people saw him here in town this morning. It looks as if he had started to walk back to Canning on the track.

Reports say that he was lying across the track when the engineer first caught sight of him, and that he raised his head and threw up his arms when the engine was nearly upon him. The body was horribly mutilated and rendered unrecognizeable. Papers found in the pickets made identification possible.

The body was brought in on the train and taken to the undertaking rooms of S.S. Ruble.

Mrs. Gould has been almost an invalid for a number of years and this will be a serious shock to her. She has but lately left Pierre for New York where she left Ralph and Louise.

The Daily Huronite, 5/18/1904

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